Larry Kim om User engagement data VS. SEO | SEOday 2017

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Påvirker CTR eller bounce raten dine placeringer på Google? Hør Larry Kim fortælle om sine spændende test-resultater vedr. user engagement data og SEO:

My name is Larry Kim. I am the founder of WordStream. WordStream is the world´s largest PPC management software company. We manage almost a billion dollars of advertising spend for over 10,000 customers worldwide. I founded this company eight years ago and it is so great to be here – thank you for having me.

What is your presentation about?
My presentation today is about some interesting new SEO experiments that I have conducted over the last six months which I believe shows the organic search rankings of Google are changing dramatically and using these new machine learnings, algorithms and user engagement signals like bounch rates and click-through rates and I think people need to understand these changes and make changes to their SEO strategies.

What are your best tips?
I think that engagement rates such as click-through rates and bounch rates matter a great deal in SEO rankings today more than ever before and a couple of ideas on how to increase these Metrix, the best idea is actually to do Facebook advertising. Now how do Facebook advertising impact your organic search results, the reason is that the click-through rates on your search list will be much higher if people have heard of your brand and in fact the conversion rates so they are propensity to stay on your web page and not bounch, that will be two or three times higher if they have heard of you, because people don´t just click on search rankings randomly they choose the brands that they know and have heard of and love. So if you can get your brand in front of the people that are searching for the things you sell before they search for it you will dramatically by two-three times increase your click-through and conversion rates which then Google will notice, as seeing as wow this is very high user engagement and that will be rewarded with even better takings.

Which tools do you prefer?
Sure, so now that machine learning is so important and engagement rates are so important, one of the tools that I use is called BuzzSumo and I am sure you have heard of it, but the reason that it is so important is that it tells you what content and what ideas and what headlines are the most engaging headlines within your industry and the reason why that is so important is that usually those emotional triggers and those ideas, if you can just modify them slightly they will also do very well, so certain headline patterns or certain emotionally triggers, and if you can incorporate them into your own marketing campaign they will also very likely do very well.

What are the biggest challenges in SEO now?
One of the biggest challenges in SEO is the lack of originally research that are done on the subject. I think a lot of people are just listening to what Google says and you know like 80% of the time they say is correct, but 20% of the time they kind of omit stuff or they lead you in the wrong direction, so one of the challenges here is that Google is actually saying: “No no no we don´t actually use engagement rates” and these signals as a core ranking signal which I think is not telling the whole story. So a lot SEO they just repeat back what Google says, but I think that is lazy. What I think SEO needs to do is some originally research and that the data is worth more than the opinions, because if people just did these experiments themselves as I will show you today the conclusions will be more obvious.

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Dato: 24.08.17
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