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Få interessante linkbuilding-tips fra en af de mest aktive linkbuildere i USA, Jon Cooper, som var taler på vores SEO-konference, SEOday 2017:

Hi, I am Jon Copper. I am the author of Point Blank SEO. I blog about link building and I run an agency by the same name and I am here to SEO day. I am excited.

What was your presentation about?
The message is about that links have been overlooked in recent years in terms of their importants for search but it is evidence that links are still a very core part of what Google uses to figure out which webpage should show up higher in search results. Likewise, I also want to make sure that people actually have the ability to not just know that links are important and but to take this home and actually do something about that so in the presentation there was a few tips to carry out the practice of acquiring links.

What are your three best tips?
The most important thing is that, in any aspect of business there is a level of transparency behind how the things are done that you just don´t have, it is not something you really have access to, but with links and SEO, but specific with links and link building you can see what website links to what website and you can see why that is the case. So you have the ability to see what others are doing in such a transparent way that I would highly recommend anyone who is looking in to this to spend a lot of time or even just some time to look at the data to what links to what. There are a number of tools out here, Maejestic has an annex, Atraf and Open Sat Explore, the big three, but ultimately just make sure that you utilize that data. The next thing is to make sure that you understand the different countries all have similar products and services, so you can learn a lot from how people are doing link building in those countries as well as the one you are actually doing work for. Lastly, there is a number of things you can do to uncover websites that would be interested in linking to you or your clients. One thing I would keen on is blogs, so there is one specific way on how you can find blogs that would be interested in looking for content that are related to what you do, so every blog has tags and categories, so if you can actually find blogs with similar tags and categories in the topics you are interested in getting covered about you will have a higher chance of finding blogs that will write about you or your client.

Which tools do you prefer?
So the tools we use the most as an agency is called Buzz Stream. Buzz Stream allows us to do very similar to sales force and other sales software allows you to manage prospects. So, in the case of link building allows us to manage who are you reaching out to and at what stage of relationship are we at with them. Another very useful tool is called URL Profiler, so this tool is a desktop tool that allows you to get different metric in different data points about a set of webpages or URLs, so it allows you to basically say alright I want the page titles of these pages, I want the Moz Metrics of these pages and I want to get them all into Excel and I want to do it quickly. So those are tools we use a lot at our agency.

What is the most common mistake in link building?
I would say a narrow focus is kind of the biggest mistake, so thinking that if you are looking at how to getting links to a dentist in Copenhagen, that if the top two or three dentists don´t have many interesting or creative links you can replicate and there is something else to be done. You can be looking at dentists in other countries that I have talked about. So overall like make sure you don´t think too narrowly in terms of who you can learn from and where you can learn from because usually even if you are not looking at links about dentists but maybe even something even totally different, maybe retailers who sell winter jackets you may be able to find some truth between what they do and what you do and how they are getting links and you are getting links and maybe you can replicate some of these things, even if it is a broader concept to a specific idea.

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